Workbench Superstructures

A comprehensive range of workbench superstructures enabling workplaces to be individually equipped, according to requirements.
The modules are simple to assemble and optimise the work process with their ergonomic arrangement of individual elements. Attached side elements can be swivelled.

Workbench Superstructures in detail

Storage shelves with rail for grab trays

The angle and the depth of the shelf can be adjusted and is suitable for more that just Euro norm containers.

Flat screen holder

Thanks to the secure screw connection to the rear support it is possible to use the screen for a number of workplaces.

Peg board back panel

Ideal for diverse peg board holders e.g. for tools, drills etc. Can also be used as a magnetic pin board.

Universal frame with 2 storage shelves

For the retention of grab trays and Euro norm containers. Innovative rail for grab trays can be slotted into the shelves.

Rail for grab trays

For the retention of storage boxes with retention lips. In various sizes and models.

Universal frame with peg board back panel

With 10 x10 mm hole matrix, compatible with a range of Baibia KIND peg board holders e.g. for tools, drills etc.

Workplace lamp

Optimal illumination of the workplace with a special non-glare raster.

Universal frame with rail for grab trays

The aluminium carrier rails can be hung horizontally or at an angle, for holding storage boxes with a retention lip.