About us

For more then 10 years our company have been a supplier for complete solution of shop fittings and industrial furniture, office and workshop equipment, racking and archiving systems.

Always conscious that market requirements, we have always tried to be ready to meet any new challenge, the functionality and efficiency of our products has always been of prime importance.

Communication is an essential part of any efficient partnership and that is the reason we try to „speak the language” of our customers and business partners across the region.

Although business processes are influenced by the latest information technologies, for us it is still the person standing „in the front of line” who is our prime consideration.

However, good things can be replaced by better things. Therefore is our ambition to keep our products up to date for the benefit of our customers. Our experience enables us to accompany our customer’s projects from the design stage to the final execution.

Our main partner is Otto Kind ag, an important German producer for industrial furniture and workshop equipment, with an experience in this field of over 100 years.

After 3 years of cooperation the acquisition of shares in the company Baibia srl by Kind International GmbH was completed on the 12.12.2006. Background reasons for the acquisition were the dynamic development of the Balkan market and the wish to continue the close relationship on a long term basis. By taking this step the cooperation was strengthened and a furthermilestone in the expansion in the Balkans was set. The joint venture company has now been renamed as Baibia Kind srl as from the 12.12.2006.

Part of the future plans together involves a new production facility in Ploiesti, in which final assembly of workshop components is undertaken and from here distributed within the Balkan market.